Cigarette And Lack Of Sleep Cause Major Fire In South Suburbs Complex

South suburban fire Chief Buda.

Say’s area fire departments responded to a 4 alarm fire at around 530am this morning.

The seems to have started when 82-year-old Mildred Frost fell asleep while smoking a cigarette.
The fire started on the couch then speared to her curtains;the blaze then quickly spread throughout the apartment complex.


While there are only a few injuries to report,at least ten families have been displace.

The America Red Cross & a local Church {ST Mathew} are assisting with helping the displace families
with food and shelters.

Officials of The Red Cross say’s they will be assisting the families with food clothing
and help with finding permanent residence.


Early signs in the investigation saw that there was no foul play or any signs of arson.
Which still leaves question.We was unable to reach Mrs. Mildred for any comment while she still recovers for smoke inhalation
We were able to talk to local police which says they will not be filing any charges against the 82-year-old resident.

Area Chief Buda encourage all residents to keep smoke detectors up to date
and also stress the importance of being a responsable smoker no matter who you are and how old you may be.


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