Reverend Jesse Jackson and other community leaders toured the Cook County Jail expressing concern about conditions there.

Every year Rev Jesse Jackson and Operation Push visit the cook county jail for Christmas.

After the visit this year

thanks google
thanks google

the Rev and other community leaders came out with a different outlook on the jail and Cook County system as a whole.

Today Jackson says nearly 10,000 people are being held.
He says it costs the county $50,000 dollars a year to detain an inmate.

Lets do the math 10,000 inmates x 50,000 a year to house them = 500,000,000 a year…that’s right that’s nine zeros a TOTAL OF {SAY IT WITH ME}FIVE HUNRED MILLION A YEAR
Know wonder why court’s dates are so far and in between. It’s a business people and they aren’t trying to go broke.

“Some of them, I want tom Dart to address this, actually leave here, go to the penitentiary and are sent back the same day because they’ve been here longer than they would go to jail,”Jackson said.

Jackson has said a lawsuit would be filed over conditions at the jail and he repeated that Thursday.

Cook County Jail History


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