Ex NYPD Chief Say Prison system is broken
Bernard KerikIn in his first interview since his release from prison where he served time for tax evasion and lying to federal authorities, spoke with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about lessons learned while in prison.

The system is supposed to help them, not destroy them,” he said.

Kerik said he served time with non-violent inmates, many of them first-time offenders sentenced disproportionately for their crimes.“I was with men sentenced to ten years in prison for five grams of cocaine. That’s insane. That’s insane,” he said.

Sometimes we don’t understand or even want to understand INTELL IT’S US.

Cause compassion is birth only when one can com-pass the say way.

thanks google
thanks google

Bernard Kerikin with Matt Lauer

California Prison System

Incarceration in the United States


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