Purpose Time is The Perfect Time.


1 SAME 16:21 Saul love him greatly and he became his armor-bearer

Part of the God preparation period is getting you around the atmosphere of where you are called to be. You might have to play backup quarterback right now- learning or just calling in the plays. Or an assistant just answering phones making appointments or whatever the case maybe. Serve first. Be willing to serve first. Do it with the same joy and vigor that you would if you were getting paid or applaud. The bible say God gave David favor with the king-he love him greatly and he became his armor-bearer. Now David has access to the king he’s basically Saul right hand man. Now David gets to see how everything is done in the palace, how it ran, protocol, and the responsibility of the king. He’s gaining experience on how to be a kingdom minded  picking up signs on what to do and what not to do. See how the anointing is working? Positioning him for preparation to assist the one he will ultimately replace. Never despise small beginnings for if you work it faithfully you will always see great results. It could be an idea, keep thinking on it, put on paper, the word always instruct us to write the vision down, than say it out loud, speak to it, give it life and watch the Lord bring it to pass. Bring it to pass; means it might take time. True he’s around the atmosphere but it’s still not time. The old saying goes “IT FEEL LIKE IT SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT’’. Now I understand it. When I am cooking, I like to take it out, and taste it, to see where it’s at, and if it’s not ready I put it back in the fire so it can be thoroughly cook to my liking. So it’s with the Lord we are tried by the fire and when HE takes use out we think,’’ I’m ready, it’s my time to serve or be served, but it’s just the Lord taste testing you, so you can see where you are at. And if it’s not time or according to his liking

He put us back in the fire until the purpose time. You may be saying but I am so close. God doest want us medium well but he love us when we are well done. For he will tell us ‘’well done’’ thy faithful servant. The Purpose Time Is The Perfect Time.


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